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Plaster Works

writing (for telling) series

People Who Never Come To
People who never come to reflect both places as possible.'Mouth' - it's a broader, pool feel.
"Not going to be disastrous in the long–""Essentially a group of people sitting around conscious of this."
Perhaps it's our personalities, this approach.I mean, it is different...a product of the way you can your protect yourself.
Talking,said, "Works for me."So you have to undermine itas much as possibleYou can't completely remove it.
Between you and everyone,the previous year,wanted to do it again.But more mundane subjects feel in balance now.
I've Not Been Interested in Artists
I've not been interested in artists.Me: "Sensibly there are things you can't do,"And non-art performances via [an] informal playing field,"Basically, sensor what students are able."
"So there's the Art Thing there –regularly keeps you at a distance."
We can work,be less importantSo we try to walk them away from that.
And it's been said(and not always positively):Artists are concerned.
We can relax.Artists have the right to do work.
Top Shelf
down-to-earth issues,dollars and cents.
the community, the choir,bubbles.thing to supportmy back