Radical Mending

(with Kate Hampel)

Glouster Public Library, Glouster, Ohio - Fall 2019

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Homan Square Campus - Fall 2017


It’s time to get out the cold-weather clothes again... Before you give up on ever wearing them again, join us for two sessions of Radical Mending--you’ll learn practical sewing skills including how to hem, patch, and adjust the fit of your existing garments, and try new ways to customize your clothes and make them your own. That top that never quite fit? Bring it! That pair of pants that’s really too short? Bring it! Those jeans with the hole in the knee? Bring them too! Simple hand- and machine-sewing techniques will be introduced, and a variety of fabrics, buttons, and pre-existing garments will be available for you to deconstruct and use.

Fashion and Fiber Studio

(with Cate Breasley)

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Homan Square Campus - Summer 2018

Fashion and Fiber Crafts Studio is the time for trying a new skill, completing a project, or beginning something brand new. Each studio day, the morning kicks off with a new project (fabric dyeing, block printing, jewelry projects). The follow up afternoon session is open-ended––a place to work on whatever you like. Bring in an existing project, or build on the project we started together. Short demonstrations are available in the afternoon in quilting and hand stitching techniques, crochet, and clothing reuse ideas. All skill levels are welcome.

T-Shirt DeLuxe

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Homan Square Campus - Spring 2018


Personalize and update your wardrobe in just one workshop. Learn no-sew and hand-sewing methods to create exciting new looks from simple t-shirts. Skills covered will include material manipulation, alteration techniques, and drawing and stenciling for fabrics. This is a BYOT (Bring Your Own T-Shirt) event, but we will also have additional tees available. No previous sewing or designing experience required.