Fashion Construction for Middleschoolers

Manitou Art Center, Manitou Springs, CO

Fashion Construction introduces young designers to fashion with an emphasis on discovering their own style, learning foundational skills in garment construction, and exploring the materials of fashion and their environmental impact. Students build skills in fashion research and drawing, altering existing garments, pattern-making, and machine sewing. Activities guide students through the process of developing ideas, finding inspiration, responding to the work of other artists, and considering the impact of fashion design on their community and communities around the globe. As their designs develop, additional technical skills are introduced, including fabric printing, embroidery, and finishing techniques.


Bobbin Winding!




Fashion Final Exhibition Runway Show

MAC Fashion Construction Ages 10-13 Aug2021

Course Schedule

Garment construction steps checklist

Garment Construction Steps - Checklist

design it yourself clothes- measurements.pdf

Taking Your Measurements

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fashion and sewing terms

  • fashion design

  • fashion construction

  • pattern

  • seamline/seam

  • seam allowance

  • hem

  • dart

  • pleat

  • gathering

  • inseam

  • closure

  • grainline

  • grainline

  • selvage

  • woven

  • knit

  • front side fabric

  • wrong side fabric

  • interfacing

  • bobbin

  • tension

  • foot

  • straight pin

This project was funded in part by the Manitou Arts, Culture, and Heritage Initiative.

Este proyecto fue financiado en parte por el Manitou Arts, Culture and Heritage Initiative.