Fashion Construction for Middleschoolers

Manitou Art Center, Manitou Springs, CO

Fashion Construction introduces young designers to fashion with an emphasis on discovering their own style, learning foundational skills in garment construction, and exploring the materials of fashion and their environmental impact. Students build skills in fashion research and drawing, altering existing garments, pattern-making, and machine sewing. Activities guide students through the process of developing ideas, finding inspiration, responding to the work of other artists, and considering the impact of fashion design on their community and communities around the globe. As their designs develop, additional technical skills are introduced, including fabric printing, embroidery, and finishing techniques.

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Fashion Projects Online - Fall 2020/Spring2021

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Explore activities that guide you through the process of developing original ideas, finding inspiration for fashion in the world around you, and respond to the work of other artists and designers. As your designs develop, you will learn to enhance your projects with technical skills such as hand sewing, embroidery, and draping. Virtual visits to the Art Institute of Chicago and Flaxman Library provide inspiration and supplement the studio experience. Open to students at all levels, lessons and projects change each term.

Fashion Design Projects Fall 2020

Fashion Design Projects Spring 2021

Homan Fashion Studio - Fall 2017

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Homan Square Campus


Fashion Studio is designed for students interested in learning foundational skills in garment construction, and for exploring multiple materials and textiles for fashion and beyond. Students learn strategies for altering existing garments and will be introduced to pattern-making, machine sewing, embroidery, and more while discussing how fashion shapes and creates culture.

In order to develop a complex and broad view of possibilities for creating clothing and using textiles, explorations will focus not only the Fashion world, but on fashion in everyday life––how people communicate through clothing and how we use fashion to express ourselves.

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Be You Fashion Studio - Summer 2016

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Homan Square Campus


In this course, students will develop skills in screen printing for textiles, fashion design, and tailoring/customization. Students will print on tees, and create wearables by altering existing garments and building accessories through sewing and print techniques in preparation for a culminating fashion show and sale at the end of the class.

The course is designed to give students options for altering and creating their own clothing, as well as foster critical dialogue about fashion and lifestyle advertising aimed at youth, building marketing and media literacy. Participants will create text layout or hand drawings for screen prints designs, learning both the shop processes for burning screens, and how to deconstruct and modify existing clothing and build simple structures with textiles.