Natural Dyes in the Garden

Summer 2020 & Summer 2021

Flying Pig Farm, Manitou Springs, Colorado

Outdoor Bundle Dyeing

Enjoy spending time face to face with friends and new friends outside in our garden. You can harvest directly from the garden and have fun experimenting with bundle dyeing, a direct press method for creating beautiful patterns and subtle shades. Go home with a beautiful scarf in one workshop.

Solar Prints

Harness the power of the sun and the materials of garden using old and new forms of photography for amazing results. Using solar sensitive dyes and cyanotype on fabric or paper, arrange your harvest and other small objects into patterns and collaged images. Watch your prints develop with the power of the sun and have your own harvest magically appear on fabric.

Outdoor Tataki-zomé (Japanese Flower Pounding)

Harvest natural dye materials from our garden and use hammers to pound the pigment of these flowers and plants to develop beautiful designs on fabric.

Fashion Courses

Homan Fashion Studio - Fall 2017

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Homan Square Campus

Fashion Studio is designed for students interested in learning foundational skills in garment construction, and for exploring multiple materials and textiles for fashion and beyond. Students learn strategies for altering existing garments and will be introduced to pattern-making, machine sewing, embroidery, and more while discussing how fashion shapes and creates culture.

Be You Fashion Studio - Summer 2016

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Homan Square Campus

In this course, students will develop skills in screen printing for textiles, fashion design, and tailoring/customization. Students will print on tees, and create wearables by altering existing garments and building accessories through sewing and print techniques in preparation for a culminating fashion show and sale at the end of the class.

Mending & Reuse

Radical Mending

(with Kate Hampel)

Glouster Public Library, Glouster, Ohio - Fall 2019

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Homan Square Campus - Fall 2017

It’s time to get out the cold-weather clothes again... Before you give up on ever wearing them again, join us for two sessions of Radical Mending--you’ll learn practical sewing skills including how to hem, patch, and adjust the fit of your existing garments, and try new ways to customize your clothes and make them your own.

Fashion and Fiber Studio

(with Cate Breasley)

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Homan Square Campus - Summer 2018

Fashion and Fiber Crafts Studio is the time for trying a new skill, completing a project, or beginning something brand new. Each studio day, the morning kicks off with a new project (fabric dyeing, block printing, jewelry projects). The follow up afternoon session is open-ended––a place to work on whatever you like. Bring in an existing project, or build on the project we started together.

T-Shirt DeLuxe

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Homan Square Campus - Spring 2018

Personalize and update your wardrobe in just one workshop. Learn no-sew and hand-sewing methods to create exciting new looks from simple t-shirts. Skills covered will include material manipulation, alteration techniques, and drawing and stenciling for fabrics.

Online Classes

Online teaching available for the following for individual and group lessons:

Fashion Studio at Home (see Future Hearts, Minds & Dreamers)

Sewing Machine Introduction (see Textiles West)

English as Foreign Language and English as an Additional Language TEFL - TESOL Certified

Private Drawing and Mixed Media Lessons (see Thumbtack)

Screen Print + Graphic Design

T-Shirt Printing and Graphic Design Workshop

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Homan Square Campus - Summer 2019

In this three-part workshop series, participants gain a new skill in graphic design and marketing that can be used for community building or entrepreneurial projects.