About me

I’m a teaching artist in fashion, fiber arts, printmedia and sustainability. As an educator, I focus on sustainable creative, daily living practices for beginners and for people looking to dive deeper into their own projects and ideas.

Something I keep going back to in my own work and while I’m teaching is that I care deeply about what happens to people individually, and I care about us as a collective–and our collective situation is, let’s face it, pretty dire. We’re living during a mass extinction that we caused. People seem more divided than ever, but in reality these divisions have been with us a long time, and this is true across our planet. We have some radical work to do to heal – to repair, to transform, to restore what has been damaged. So I look for practices that repair or transform, whether it’s an old idea or an old quilt or shirt - how can we give this material or content a completely new life? The question I ask myself about each component of my work, whether teaching, designing, or image-making is, “Is this restorative?” I believe this practice of mending and restoring in the material world has direct applications to what we consider to be non-material, too: our relationships, our society, our collective responsibility.

My specialties are mending garments, fashion construction, and printmaking for fiber + textiles. In addition, I help people to build on their design and writing skills for local entrepreneurship and community organizing projects. I’m trying to find out how all of this works together for the greatest impact in creating a sustainable and just world – coming together and sharing expertise, holding on to what works, and transforming what needs to change.

I’m originally from the Midwest, and found my new home along the front range in Colorado. Please check the blog or social media for upcoming classes and events, and contact me if you have questions or requests for workshops.

Select classes and workshops

Adobe Illustrator & T-Shirt & Marketing Design Workshop, North Lawndale Teen Art Council , Chicago

Screen Printing Workshop, North Lawndale Teen Art Council, Chicago

I, Too Photography Workshop (Course Planning) ­Illinois Youth Center, Chicago

Open Studio (Facilitator), Chicago

Fashion and Fiber Studio (Co-teacher), Chicago

T-Shirt Deluxe, Chicago

Radical Mending (Co-teacher), Chicago and Glouster, Ohio

Fashion Studio: Ages 14-18, Chicago

Melody Williams Resume 2020.pdf